Museum of Methodism

And now for some good news: the Museum of Methodism in London was awarded  a Heritage Lottery Fund grant of £93,000 in 2013 to restore and exhibit material relating to the global growth of Methodism. The museum’s new interpretation shows how historic places of worship can successfully integrate mission and heritage to engage visitors from diverse backgrounds.

“The Warmed Heart” tells the story of John Wesley’s conversion. His Field Bible is one of the objects on display in a contemplative space.

“Mr Wesley’s New Chapel” traces the history of Wesley’s Chapel using a series of maps of Finsbury and Islington, the earliest of which dates to 1746.

“Connecting the Connexion” illustrates John’s Wesley’s visionary organisational system of Methodist societies, classes and bands. Exhibits include a range of membership tickets and a print of Francis Asbury, whose enthronement as a bishop in the United States sealed Methodism’s separation from the Church of England.

Huw Edwards, the BBC presenter, narrates our new seven-minute audio-visual presentation and the latest technology, including tablet computers, provides interactive access to major archival documents, such as John Wesley’s sermons and Charles Wesley’s hymns.

The museum holds one of the world’s largest collections of Wesleyan ceramics and some of the finest Methodist paintings. Visitors can step back in time and stand in Wesley’s original pulpit from The Foundery Chapel. Why not come along and explore the first phase of the new museum for yourself; entry is free and everyone is welcome!


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