Martin Luther – An Eastern German Tour

Under the aegis of the URC History Society, and of the Faith and Works Committee of the URC, a tour of Eastern Germany is being arranged for 2017 to see and study the towns related to Martin Luther.

The anniversary of his putative counterblast against indulgences is 31st October 2017. In varying degree the Protestant tradition owes greatly to the events that followed that year. This quincentary is  considered by Germans to have the highest importance.

The proposed tour, now at the design stage, will offer 9 days covering Wittenberg, Eisleben, Torbach, Naumberg, Erfurt and Eisenach, finishing up in Dresden.

The organiser is Anthony Earl, who has previously arranged a Chapels Society tour of the Waldensian Valleys and of Rutland and who is familiar with this terrain.

The cost will be approximately £990 including flights, some meals, 3 or 4 star hotel accommodation and  coach transport.

Members of the Chapels Society thinking of joining are asked to declare their interest by contacting Anthony Earl via

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