Heritage Tax

You may be aware that many of those who help to care for places of worship are concerned about a measure that has been dubbed the ‘heritage tax‘. This is the Government’s proposal to require building owners to pay VAT at the standard rate on alterations to listed buildings. Essentially this will add 20% to the cost of works such as installing WCs, kitchen facilities etc. and may seriously affect the ability of hard-pressed congregations to pay for much-needed works. There is still time to make your views heard and to ask the Government to reconsider their proposal. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Write to your MP explaining how the budget measure will affect you and your place of worship.
  2. Sign the Church of England’s e-petition to bring back the zero-rate of VAT on alterations to listed places of worship.
  3. Respond to the VAT consultation which closes on 18 May.

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