Chapel of the Month – March 2017

This month Chapels Society Secretary Moria Ackers shares her tale of a charming walk that ends with a delightful little Chapel:

Milldale Chapel Exterior

Mill Dale Chapel Exterior

Mill Dale Methodist Chapel

At the end of the very lovely walk down Dovedale, Derbyshire one ends up at the tiny little village of Milldale. Follow the signs past Polly’s little shop, up to the top of the village and you’ll find a delightful little ‘God-box’ which is part of the Ashbourne Methodist Circuit. Although not regularly in use for worship it is open to visitors!

This is a lovely simple little chapel built in 1835 where visitors can sit and enjoy a few quiet moments. Although I could find no information at the chapel about its history, a very brief internet search suggests that this was a dissenters’ chapel opened at Mill Dale in January 1836, which later transferred to the Ashbourne Primitive Methodist circuit in 1886.

Milldale Interior

Mill Dale Chapel Interior

It was closed for regular worship in 1986. The chapel holds occasional services and last year’s Christmas Eve service was so well attended the little chapel was packed, with people standing outside. Possibly of little academic architectural interest it is none the less a very special little chapel, no more so than it is open to all.

Further information about the occasional special services and how to find the chapel can be found on the circuit website.


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