Chapel of the Month – July 2015

St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Loughborough (Grade II listed)

St Mary's RC Church, Loughborough

St Mary’s RC Church, Loughborough

This month’s featured chapel is one of the ones that members visited in June as part of the Chapels Society summer visit. The descriptive text below is based on the notes prepared by visit leader, Moira Ackers.

There is evidence that the Dominicans were active in Loughborough in 1824, at the invitation of Ambrose Phillips de Lisle who was taking instruction.

The first small congregation in Loughborough met in a room above a shop in Market Street. They then bought land in 1834, and since there was opposition we must assume that this land lay outside of the boundaries of the Church of England’s All Saints Church.

St Mary's RC Church, Loughborough

St Mary’s RC Church, Loughborough

The church was designed by William Flint of Leicester (1835) and was also in existence before either of the later Church of England churches – St Peter’s and Emmanuel – were built and was served for a time by Mount St Bernard’s Abbey (which members also visited on the tour).

In 1841 the care of the community was given to the Fathers of the Institute of Charity otherwise known as the Rosminians.

With an expanding congregation the church was greatly enlarged with the addition of the large classical nave between 1920 and 1925 by A. M. Barrowcliffe.

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