Chapel of the Month – February 2015

Yelverton BC Chapel 1908Roger Thorne, past Council Member and leader of well received visits in the south west, responded to our appeal for candidates for ‘Chapel of the Month’ with this suggestion – the Bible Christian Chapel in Yelverton.

Roger writes: “This year is the Bicentenary of the Bible Christians whose heart land was always the South West.  I am compiling a CD of pictures of their chapels in Devon.

Their very last BC chapel was opened on 7th August 1907 at Yelverton, in the parish of Buckland Monachorum, on the edge of Dartmoor, north of Plymouth.

Yelverton BC Chapel (1885)Yelverton was served by the railway from Plymouth and a number of business men from Plymouth built villas there.

So the last Bible Christian chapel was most untypical in that it was expensive and elaborate and designed by a known architect, W Beddoe Rees.

Today it is without its tower but I can’t remember if the tower was taken down because of the war-time aerodrome nearby or later structural problems.”

We hope that you enjoy these evocative images – including the post card shown above.

Yelverton BC ChapelYelverton BC Chapel

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