Dissent & the Gothic Revival

Edited by Bridget Cherry

Nonconformist architecture of the later 19th century until very recently has been given little scholarly attention. Taking the magnificent Union Chapel of 1877-9 by James Cubitt as a starting point, these essays by experts in different fields explore both the building and different aspects of its architectural and social context to provide a fuller understanding of the significant role played by Nonconformity in Victorian architecture and society.

Dissent and the Gothic Revival : Contents

  • Dissent and the Gothic Revival

    Dissent and the Gothic Revival

    Bridget Cherry as editor provides an overall introduction to the essays.

  • Anthony Richardson, architect to Union Chapel, analyses its structure and relates discoveries made during recent building work to the documented history.
  • Clyde Binfield, one of the foremost historians of Dissent, investigates the social networks and activities promoted through Union Chapel, demonstrating the wider significance of such an institution within the fabric of Victorian society.
  • Christopher Wakeling, a leading expert on nonconformist architecture of the 19th century, discusses how the requirements for nonconformist worship affected planning and design, and sets the development of the auditory plan in a broad European context.
  • C. C. Pond, a demographer, discusses the significance of the Sunday School and its buildings.
  • Derek Watson, a musical historian, considers the changing character of music in Victorian chapels.
  • A note on the very rich archives of Union Chapel is also included.

Dissent and the Gothic Revival, edited by Bridget Cherry, is a collection of five essays inspired by a study day held in 2004 at Union Chapel, Islington, under the auspices of the Victorian Society and the Friends of Union Chapel.

Paperback, 24.5 × 17.2cm; [iv] 107 pages; 94 illustrations including 23 in colour.

Published 2007. ISBN-13: 978-0-9545061-1-7, Occasional Publication 3, ISSN: 1475-6404.

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