Chapels & Chapel People

Chapels and Chapel People

Edited by Chris Skidmore

The Chapels Society’s first Miscellany appeared in its tenth year, and the Society having just celebrated twenty years of life it seems appropriate for another volume to appear. This collection of essays reflects the wide interests of our members who, though they might be thought only to be interested in buildings as structures, are inevitably drawn to the lives of those men and women who commissioned them, designed them, and peopled them, throughout their years of use.

The essays collected here include:

  • Chapel people in 1851: the example of Berkshire, by Kate Tiller, an analysis of the nonconformist signatories of the 1851 religious census
  • Horribile dictu:Unitarians and Ecclesiology in Northern England, by Alan Petford, a ground-breaking account of the first adoption of the Gothic style for chapel building amongst northern Unitarians
  • The Cross and the Crown: the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Manchester, a description of Edgar Wood’s remarkable Christian Scientist church in Manchester, by Sarah Hill
  • The Prime of T. Lewis Banks, a typically lively piece on the life and work of the architect of St James’s Congregational Church Newcastle upon Tyne, by Clyde Binfield

The book is of 108 pages (30 × 22 cm) and is illustrated throughout with drawings and photographs, many of them in colour.

Published 2010. ISBN-13: 978-0-9545061-3-1, Occasional Publication 5, ISSN: 1475-6404

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