Chapel of the Month – July 2018

Every year the Chapels Society organises three visits for members. The visits take place in a range of locations across the country and every so often we return to London to explore some of the wealth of Nonconformist chapels in the capital. On 7 July Dr Jenny Freeman led an excellent tour of chapels in the East End of London – an area rich in social and architectural history. The first stop on our tour was St Boniface RC Church, also known as the German Church.

St Boniface is a post-war church, which replaced a church of 1875 designed by J Young and destroyed during World War II. Although relatively plain, the present church is notable for its landmark tower incorporating four bells from the predecessor church. The church also contains a range of interesting high-quality furnishings, mostly by artists and craftsmen from Kevelaer in Germany, the birthplace of Revd Felix Leushacke, who initiated the rebuilding.

More details can be found on the Taking Stock website and on the Survey of London website.

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