About Us

The Chapels Society seeks to foster public interest in the architectural and historical importance of all places of worship that might loosely described as Nonconformist.  These primarily comprise the buildings of Christian bodies (Protestant, Roman Catholic and Orthodox) outside the Established Church but may include those of other faiths.  We take an interest in Nonconformist churches, chapels and meeting houses throughout the United Kingdom.

We seek to promote the survival of Nonconformist places of worship, their buildings and furnishings, by offering advice and encouragement to those responsible for their upkeep.

We work closely with the Historic Chapels Trust, into whose care outstanding buildings no longer in use may pass. The Society is not able to make financial contributions toward restoration costs, but can advise about possible sources of grant aid.

We welcome into membership all those who are in agreement with the objects of the Society. Members receive a copy of the Newsletter which is issued three times a year and are invited to take part in our annual programme of visits and events.